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complete line for mattress production
Offer on behalf of customer: complete mattress production line made of one hot-melt-gluing machine at choice
  • brand Exacta yoc appr. 2005 or
  • Elektroteks yoc 2014 (simple machine as above) or
  • Elektroteks yoc 2016 with allignement station and buffer roller table (similar to KSM Crossliner) (all gluing machines are equipped with German „Robatech“-melting units).
mounting station unwinding unit for springs short contact press filling machine KSM yoc 2001 flat wrapping machine Elektroteks yoc 2014 Line will be preferable sold complete with one gluing machine from above list. Photos/videos available on request (only with complete company name and contact details). Presentation possible after prior appointment.
Pre-announcement: RAM SPL-EV

Pre-announcement: rarely used RAM SPL-EV, well equipped.

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All offers for second hand machines are subject of being unsold, machines will be sold as they are, no guarantee, no return, no liability. The operation and the required and mandatory safety equipment of the machine(s) has to be checked and guaranteed by the buyer. The seller’s liability is excluded.